A Smarter Storefront – Steam Discovery Update

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The rumors turned out to be true; we are in fact getting a new store page. The best part – It’s live as this is being written.

A Smarter Storefront – Steam Discovery Update

With Steam expanding the number of titles it offers, it can be hard to find new ones that you might love. This new update to the store page hopes to rectify that issue. From a significant layout change, to an all new “Steam Curator” feature, you should be able to find other titles you will enjoy.

You can read all the changes here.

As you can see below, the new colour scheme does match the pallet of Steam OS, which is probably meant to make every product more uniform.



The update, while it certainly adds a new coat of paint, was probably designed to resolve some core issues. While any user can rate a game they own up or down and explain why, many felt that wasn’t enough. Also “official” streams and media groups were not able to have a unified front. By adding the curator feature to Steam groups, this improves the situation in that regard.


Do you like what Valve has done? Will this improve your outlook on games? Will it be helpful? Let’s hear you below in the comments!

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  1. There are cool ideas implemented, like curators and better reviews stats, but that blue is awful.

    • Yeah I will agree.. That blue isn’t the best, but I guess it matches with SteamOS so.. It ain’t going ‘nowhere any time soon.