After Nearly 3 Years Of Total Silence, Black Mesa Source Is Showing Signs Of Life

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After missing their 2009 deadline, the Black Mesa devteam “submerged”, so to speak. Their Twitter died, their YouTube pretty much died, and while they did do an interview with Steamcast back in the summer of 2011, what little interaction they had with the community remained within the confines of their forums and their Wiki. But it seems like they’ve finally decided to wake their community manager up from hypersleep (maybe missing a big release date was too much for him), because the old PR machine’s rolling again!

Obviously, someone on the team remembered they had a Twitter account, because they actually sent out a tweet on the 31st of March, announcing the creation… of a brand new official Facebook page for Black Mesa. They’ve offloaded their most recent media on there, so hopefully they’ll keep it updated with fresh content, including their super-fancy rendition of the classic HEV Mark IV suit:

Of course, that’s not all they’ve got on there, so head on in and take a look at their photo albums. While you’re at it, give them a like or something so that you may stay updated. That said, don’t interpret this as any sign of an impending re-release. It might be nothing more than a re-emergence, with a touch of glasnost, so to speak. While it might just make a release in 2012, keep in mind that until the official soundtrack is released, two weeks before the full mod release, we have to take everything (and I do mean everything) with a lot of pinches of salt.


  1. It’s half-life related, we should get used to delays.

  2. Just like when Grandma came out of her coma, a lot of people had moved on… I haven’t.

  3. My thoughts, complete with random finger spasms:

  4. I lurk the forums regularly so this news isn’t really anything big to me.

  5. When I first saw the FB page I thought I may just be someone making an April fools joke.

    Glad to see this mod is starting to show its face more. Hoping for a released soon but I wont get my hopes up :L

  6. Finally! Thanks, Vic.