Black Mesa Is Cooking up a New Update

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While this isn’t the big Xen update we’ve been craving for, the Crowbar Collective have been teasing a content update to the game that will hopefully keep us busy while we wait to close the rift between Earth and the Alien Homeworld.

Black Mesa Is Cooking up a New Update

The Devs recently posted that a December Update is on the way and it will feature updated models for the Crossbow and Gluon Gun.

Other changes will include G-Man getting his own view-model arms and a unique set of gibs, changes to weapon drag and plenty of bug fixes.

However, the team hasn’t revealed all of what’s to come in the update.

What do you think the Crowbar Collective is Hammering away at? What do you want to see in the update? (Besides Xen) New maps, Player Models, or maybe a new game-mode? Let us know in the comments.

If you’re interested in chatting with the devs, they will be doing another Developer Live Stream on November 19th. Follow the devs on Twitter or Facebook to know when the stream will go up and to keep up on any other Developer updates.

We will be looking forward to see what the Crowbar Collective have in store when this update drops in December.

Black Mesa is currently available on Steam.

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