Black Mesa Finally Released on Steam

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Black Mesa, the mod that set out to recreate the original Half-Life from the ground up in the Source Engine has had a long and exciting journey from the days when it was just an ambitious idea.

Today, Black Mesa finally comes to Steam after being Greenlit on Steam so long ago.

Black Mesa Finally Released on Steam

Black Mesa is a now a full on game and is priced at $20 USD, it’s considered ‘Early Access’ for now, so things like Xen and more multiplayer modes are still to come. Of course anyone who buys now will get those features for free when they release in the near future.

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When Xen does finally become available the price will be bumped up to $25 USD.

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The Steam release has multiplayer and Workshop support, so expect to see some custom made Scientist Slaughterhouses in the near future.

There’s also a launch trailer, which replaced the countdown clock shown on the mysterious website, made by Source animator James McVinnie. Check it out:

The developers are also doing a live stream event on Twitch later today to celebrate the launch.

We will keep you updated on what’s in store for Black Mesa, in the meantime I’m gonna break out the Gloun Gun and head into the fray.

Check out Black Mesa on Steam.


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  1. Black Mesa on Steam, that is a good thing. Even better it does not require any other source-based game to be able to own it for those who hasn’t – I do not really know how – any Valve game in their library. I’m still curious if maybe the release delay of the Mac and GNU/Linux will be as short as what Half-Life 2: Update did, which, I’m not sure, is one of the first mods supporting more than just Windows.

    I just find now even more hilarous that you can buy the first Half-Life 3 times on steam (pun intended): the original Half-Life, Half-Life: Source and now Black Mesa.

    Anyway, who cares about paid mods and early access like now Black Mesa when they can still have the previous version of this mod via the famous Mod DB without paying any charge? It’s just, after all, just to know the correct way to give you the pill that matters 😉