Black Mesa Team Begins to Show off Early Multiplayer Build

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In a recent post on the Black Mesa forums, developer Chon “TEXTFAMGUY1” Kemp has posted a couple of screenshots of the maps Gasworks and Stalkyard from the game’s yet to be released multiplayer component.

Black Mesa Team Begins to Show off Early Multiplayer Build

You might remember Kemp’s work from Surface Tension Uncut and On a Rail Uncut; both of which expanded on Black Mesa’s respective chapters. He states in the post:

“In this thread, we will endeavour to be a bit more open with you guys about the development of Black Mesa’s multiplayer component. Currently, in terms of multiplayer, the team’s focus is on Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch, but there will be a lot more to come.


As we work towards the Steam release we hope to show you guys more and more of our hard work. This thread is where we will post screenshots, videos, ideas, and features, for you guys to discuss, comment on, and give feedback. We’re all extremely excited to finally start sharing some things with you guys. Feel free to ask questions and post your thoughts, we will try our best to engage with you and be honest and direct.”

Gasworks (WIP)

Gasworks (WIP)

So there you have it, the Black Mesa team is finally ready for the world to see the game’s multiplayer…in its unfinished, still in development form that is. It’ll be exciting to see what features and gamemodes will be offered in the final release of Black Mesa: Part 1.

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There’s still no word on what state the development of the Xen portion of the game is in, though. Kemp stresses that they will NOT be discussing Xen in the multiplayer thread, so don’t even try to squeeze an ounce of info from them. However, I like the idea one of the forum’s moderators, danielsangeo, had about a certain map:

“I want a map in Xen. Jumping around in low gravity…!”

That would either cause an incessant number of rage-quits, or be a joy inducing, million dollar idea. With Xen, there really isn’t a middle ground.

Stalkyard (WIP)

Stalkyard (WIP)

Speaking of forum posts by Chon Kemp, you may also want to read his Story of Gasworks threads in the Developer Updates section. They give a detailed insight to the development of Gasworks and what obstacles he had to overcome to bring the map to a ‘Half-Life level of quality’. It’s a fascinating read and I highly encourage beginning and veteran level designers to take a look. It may very well help you in avoiding a few mistakes and make some improvements to your own maps!

We’d also like to thank Craig Mirfin, another level designer on Black Mesa, for the shout out on this very informative update.

DISCLAIMER: THIS IS NOT AN OFFICIAL MEDIA RELEASE. The pictures, statements, and any other content that is posted on the Black Mesa forums represent a “Work in Progress” build (or WIP for short) of the game. By no means should they be taken as official details about how the multiplayer component to Black Mesa will look or play upon release. The thread was created for community interaction and feedback; so if you’d like to say anything to the team regarding these posts, make sure it is clear and constructive. This is a great opportunity for the Black Mesa team and community, and we want to make sure it remains that way.


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  2. TEXFAM is the best. I followed the development of his Surface Tension and On a Rail Uncut maps… very insightful and honest chap.