Calling All Artists

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Calling All Artists

Hello, and welcome to the new ‘Creations’ section of LambdaGeneration. With this new category we hope to establish a series of weekly articles rounding up the best fanart the Valve community has to offer, and you can help by submitting your own! Remember, fanart just doesn’t mean drawings and paintings, the term art can take many shapes and forms, here are some examples of what you can submit:

  • Your GlaDOS Sculpture
  • Your cool Half-Life 2 Computer Case Mod
  • Your Gmod Screenshots (Though you should be playing JB Mod)
  • A Cosplay you did
  • An SFM Poster you made
  • Your shrine to Gabe Newell
  • Your working Wheatley Puppet
  • And much more!

Creation images can be emailed to creations[-at-] or submitted to the LambdaGeneration Tumblr

I must state that we cannot accept any fanart that is not safe for work, it’s not that we don’t appreciate it, it’s just that we want LambdaGeneration to be accessible to Valve fans of all ages.

Thanks for reading, and get creating!


  1. I kind of don’t know whether my stuff would fall under “Art & Creations” or “Multimedia & Film”. I mean, I suppose you guys are reserving the latter for the more “cool” machinimas, videos and stuff like that, while comics are shoved off to “art”, like in the Facepunch forums.


    “(Though you should be playing JB Mod)”

    You will burn in Hell like the heretic you are. Cheers!

  2. “Anything more static”

    You’re not helping my ego.

  3. Reporting for duty!

  4. Aw, cool! You’ll certainly see stuff from me! 😀

  5. I just sent