Don’t Look Now, but Valve May Have Just Filed a Trademark for Half-Life 3

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Update: Due to a loophole with JIRA and Google Cache, people were once again able to access Valve’s project tracker. NeoGAF user ekim managed to snap some pictures of the tracker before it was closed, showing that the Half-Life 3 group have increased in members (to a total of 46), and reveals a new group called Half-Life 3 Core, with only 10 members.

Update 2: The trademark has been removed, and we can safely assume the whole thing was a fake. As fellow writer Dhel says, there is no trademark for either Half-Life 2 nor Left 4 Dead, which further fuels the assumption.
But hey, at least we got some delicious hype out of it, didn’t we?

It hasn’t been long since the leak of the internal changelog at Valve, which confirmed the existence of Source 2 and Left 4 Dead 3.

Ignoring the leak however, we’ve gone long without any news on both Ricochet 2 and Half-Life 3 (the former which I’m personally more excited for). Well, it’s time to quench some of your thirst for news!

Don’t Look Now, but Valve May Have Just Filed a Trademark for Half-Life 3

It was recently discovered by a Neogaf user under the alias Shinobi602 that Valve just trademarked the title “Half-Life 3”.

According to the website for Trademarks and Designs Registrations Office of the European Union (OAMI), the trademark request was filed on Thursday the 29th of September, under the ticker number 012180394.

Don’t believe me? Check out the ticket yourself here (paste the ticket number in there) or look at these images, courtesy of Shinobi602;

Don’t get your hopes up, however. This doesn’t confirm any imminent announcement, nor does it confirm that the game is even in a playable stage. But now you don’t have to worry if Valve has forgotten the series. Because obviously, with all the fans reminding them of it every day, who can forget?

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  1. Either that, or someone’s having a blast just trolling us.

    • That would require military-level trolling experience, since it’s OAMI we’re talking about 😛
      (Though I’m not denying the possibility of a troll, I’m just being overly optimistic here)

      • It doesn’t require military level trolling experience. Everyone is free to send in a trademark application without verification or having to pay first. It’ll just get deleted later in the process because it’s fraud to claim a trademark under someone else’s name.

  2. Commenter Avatar[λG] David-B-7371 October 2013 at 8:00pm

    Imminent announcement or not, this is another piece of evidence of that there is or will be a Half-Life 3.

  3. Commenter Avatar[λG] MisterAddy1 October 2013 at 8:12pm

    The story was worth reporting, but maybe the giant Half-Life 3 logo is a little excessive. We don’t want to be labelled as trolls here! 😉

    • It is an ancient tradition to always use the most excessive image possible when writing anything related to Half-Life 3

  4. November 2014 release. 10 years after HL2. Calling it now.

  5. So, I guess this means they’ve finally started to make it? 😉

    • I think they’re developing it alongside Source 2 (Think Source and Half-Life 2, and the fact that we keep finding HL2 assets in every Source game)

  6. It MUST happen.

  7. The hype train is a fierce lad.

  8. I feel like everybody forgets about Trade Mark No. 011945961. Look it up and hit the “+” under “graphical representation.”

  9. Important piece that’s missing.. Where’s the trademark registration for the US/Canada/Other locations? Seems very strange that it’s only spotted in one place.

  10. The Half-Life 3 Trademark has been removed from the Website. Search for it, it does not show up anymore.

    • I’d like to add, there is no Half-Life 2, or a Left 4 Dead 2 trademark either, only the name of the series has been trademarked. Going from this, we can safely say that the HL3 one was a fake.

  11. Whatever just happened, but it seems that HL3 leaks and etc. begins to popup more often, than usually. I found it strange to me.