Dota 2 introduces Wraith-Night, and Legion Commander joins the roster

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The Wraith King Cometh.

Hey, are you excited about Frostivus? Yes? Too bad. Remember how last year, we had to cancel our Frostivus dinner because of the traumatic greeviling incident?

Well, I got some news for ya pal. It’s cancelled. Again.

Dota 2 introduces Wraith-Night, and Legion Commander joins the roster

So forget about the stupid holiday, because we got a king to defend. “What king” do you ask. Didn’t you remember, a day ago Ostarion, King of all Skeletons vanished? He realized all the resurrecting was bad for him, so he took a bet on the once-in-a-millennium Wraith Night, a night where powers of dark creeps about, granting the power of makeups and facelifts. Bad news is, it’s taking its sweet time. Which means, anyone can come up and interrupt the required, and most certainly important ritual that happens to put old Skeleton King in stasis. Good news, you’re gonna defend him. Or is that bad news? Much depends on how brave you are. Or dumb.


Enough rambling, let’s move on to the update: namely the Wraith-Night update! This update introduces Wraith-Night, a game mode where you must protect Skeleton King’s resting place while defending him from hostile creeps throughout the longest night you’ll ever suffer. As you slay creeps, their souls is collected and added to the effort in granting the King a new, more stable form. Shame that the same power you need is also used to empower these creeps. When you’ve passed through all the 12 wraithful waves, our beloved King rises again in the form of the still-not-very-fleshy Wraith King. He’ll show his appreciation by cleaving your skulls, unless you and your four other teammates do the same. Defeat him, and that’s it! You’ve saved Frostivus! But it’s still cancelled.


“But where’s the gifts” you ask. Well, they’re here, but in fragments which drop when you complete a Wraith-Night session. Collect enough fragments though, and you can redeem them for lockless gifts. It’s a steal!

In addition, we also got a new Agility hero: The long anticipated Tresdin, Legion Commander! Very durable, she can proc a lifesteal if attacked, in the manner of Counter Helix for Axe. And her ultimate, Duel, forces her and her target to fight for a short time, all while silenced and unable to use items. The winner of this battle to the death receives a permanent bonus damage! She can, in theory, snowball easy through a match if she can be played right!

Added with this update is Ranked Match Making, which allows experienced players to play more competitively by receiving ranks and stats, which aids in matches where both teams have a 50/50 chance of winning, and can be compared with friends and foes. Show ’em who’s boss! You can read more about the technicalities in this lil’ blog post.

And here’s possibly the best part of the update: A Lina Announcer! The (literally) hot dragon slayer herself as decided to take the announcer chair and yell at you as your tower crumbles to dust. Personally, I’m happy to be able to hear her voice no matter what hero I pick.

There are tons of other small things, changes and cosmetics added to the game. So if you’re curious about the update, and want to see what gameplay and interface changes Valve has added along with new cosmetics, then check out the change log in the bottom of the update page!


  1. I think you mean ‘joined the roster’…
    A rooster is a male chicken. Legion Commander has not joined a male chicken in anything.