Half-Life 2: Episode Two – Done Quick: A New Speedrun from the SourceRuns Team

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A while back the SourceRuns team had done a segmented speedrun of Half-Life 2 known as Half-Life 2 Done With a High Magnitude of Velocity (DWaHMoV). Since then they’ve done runs of Portal, Portal 2 and some mods, but now they have come out with their next big segmented run: Half-Life 2: Episode Two – Done Quick or EP2DQ for short. Check it out in it’s full glory after the jump.

The run is finished in an outstanding 30 Minutes and 36 Seconds.

It starts off with the group blasting through the portal storm, Alyx’s near death experience, the big Antlion battles and beating D0g in the race to White Forest in just 8 minutes. The rest is a combination of scripted scenes and the infamous Strider battle.

To the untrained eye it looks like a bunch of no-clipping and falling through the map, but it’s actually a technique called ‘Accelerated Back Hopping’ (ABH)by exploiting a glitch in the game’s code that tries to slow you down when you jump, the runners are able to gain speed and move hundreds of map units per second through the levels.

Half-Life 2: Episode Two - Done Quick

Half-Life 2: Episode Two – Done Quick

If you’re interested in a more detailed explanation of ABHthe SourceRuns site has a comprehensive wiki full of info about specific runs and general tactics used in those runs. Not to mention, the team has written a full explanation of everything that happens in the run, which you find right here.

That not your style? An audio commentary of the run is in included in the downloadable version as a separate track which you can grab in a number of video resolutions through the download links in the YouTube version’s description.

We want to congratulate all those involved on this fantastic run: Jukspa, Matmo, Elgu, S., Eidgod, BitRain, Blizik, and Valvinraim for their years of hard work and dedication to bring this run to fruition.

If you enjoyed the video, be sure to subscribe to SourceRuns on YouTube as they have other fantastic runs on the channel and check out the SourceRuns website itself to gain access to the wiki, forums, and more.

Here’s hoping that someday we will get to see a Half-Life 3 run, complete with all the ABH and NPC teleporting one would come to expect.

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