Explore the Year 3000 in New Half-Life 2 Mod ‘From Earth’

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From Earth is a new sci-fi themed Source engine modification. The game recently came out on Steam as a free mod for Half-Life 2, and so far, it has received a positive response from the community.

From Earth is a singleplayer story-driven FPS game, set close to the year 3000. It follows two people who have been sent to a remote planet, ruled by an alien government. Unfortunately for them, the extraterrestrial government want to hunt you down, which means you have to learn how to communicate with the alien civilians and figure out how to use their technology, to survive. Check out the trailer above.

It’s important to note, that the story isn’t related to the Half-Life canon and doesn’t feature any of the typical Half-Life assets that we usually see in free Source mods. Instead, From Earth features a ton of hand crafted models and characters, which, together with the detailed story, gives the game a high quality, professional edge.



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One of the main features that the game boasts is it’s ‘Interaction System’, which allows the player to work with the alien items in the game and communicate with the AI characters. Essentially, it is used to create some really interesting puzzles and ultimately allows you to learn how to survive in the unfamiliar world around you.

The game also presents you with moral choices, you can either attempt to work with the alien civilians or fight them. The route you choose will affect how you experience the game. Here is an (old) video showing WIP fighting gameplay:

From Earth is the work of the ‘Half-Life 2: Short Stories Team‘, currently lead by Tero ‘Au-heppa‘ Knuutinen.

The team have created a handful of Half-Life 2 mods, including Human Error, Water and Last Zombie. The group originally started as a mod project to develop Half-Life 2 themed fan mods. They are now focusing on finishing From Earth, with the intention of making it a polished game, with more unique gameplay and a storyline completely independent from Half-Life.

From Earth Concept Artwork

From Earth Concept Artwork

You can find more info and download From Earth over on Steam. You can also follow the game’s development on ModDB and Twitter.

The Half-Life 2: Short Stories Team also have their own website, which lists the groups other creations and also features more concept artwork. The team are also appealing to anyone in the community who wants to help translate the game to other languages, more info here.

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