Fanart Friday #05

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A nice cool Friday morning, some fresh brewed coffee, it’s a perfect time for some Fan Art. Welcome back to Fanart Friday…

Fanart Friday #05

First, a new take on an old classic…

"Dark Energy Night" by AshiRox

“Dark Energy Night” by AshiRox

AshiRox recreates Vincent van Gogh’s Starry Night with a City 17 twist. An excellent recreation. Check out this piece in full high res glory on AshiRox’s DeviantArt and give them a favorite if your so inclined.

This piece was submitted by some of our friends on Tumblr…

"The Hunter" by melissasoup

“The Hunter” by melissasoup

Not only is this an awesome portrait of the Freeman, it’s also big! Like 5k big. This piece is by Melissasoup and it has fantastic use of brushes. Subtle and masterful. Check this piece in it’s original 5k resolution at Melissasoup’s DeviantArt.

And for our last piece…


Sit back and enjoy the coffee, this is a piece from Snu. With all the Combine, Headcrabs, and strange floating Potato Monsters you never do get a moment to sit back and enjoy the paper. Originally a request on Tumblr, now featured here. Check out this piece on Snu’s Tumblr. Where you will find more fan art done in the same style.

So closes another Fan Art Friday.

If you would like to see your own work on the next Fan Art Friday feel free to submit to our Tumblr or you can send it directly to [email protected].

Be sure to leave a link to your Tumblr, DevianArt, or Portfolio so we know who to credit.

If you have any questions or comments for me, you can email the address above or contact me more directly as @ThatoneJeff on Twitter.


Have a great weekend!

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