Fanart Friday #002

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Man, I love Fridays. Not only is it the end of the week, it’s also when I get to share some awesome Fanart from you, the readers. Let’s get to it, shall we?

Fanart Friday #002

This first piece is from Fairfirehair…


I think it just goes to show, that while he is very dumb in nature, Wheatley is still compassionate at heart. Maybe, we all need a Wheatley in our darkest hour? Hmm… on second thought, maybe not. A very cute piece nonetheless.

You can see the full size version of this and more of Fairfirehair’s work on her DeviantArt.

This next piece was made in Gmod…


I wonder what is on the MetroCop’s mind? Maybe, he’s pondering what guest will be on Dr.Breen’s show tonight? Maybe, he’s thinking about the horrors of the world after the Resonance Cascade? Maybe he’s just wondering when his shift will be over like the rest of us… This piece was masterminded by Sol4rpleXus using Garry’s Mod and Photoshop, he’s got boatload of images like this, and some Half-Life 2 fan-fiction on his DeviantArt. Check it out…

Next up is some more Cosplay…


Another Gordon Freeman? Yes indeed it is! Steven Cojo portrays the One Free Man quite well, with added Crowbar prop. See him in action as he performs the ‘Half-Life Basics’ on stage at the East European Comic Con.

For those who are a fan of giveaways and such, Steven is an admin of a Steam group dedicated to Steam Game giveaways. I recommend a join, and keep your eyes peeled for the latest one!

I also recommend viewing his DevinatArt Gallery for more images of his Cosplay, and a lovely poem about the Freeman.

And with that we come to our final piece…


It’s Kelly Bailey! The composer of the Half-Life series, this was drawn by ‘John Freeman’. I tried to find more, but ‘John’ submitted this image from his own Tumblr which was very bare…

I’m sure this will fill up with more great art later on, but no matter, this is still a cool piece. John if you’re reading this, contact me and I’ll fill this part up with appropriate info.

Well, that’s another week down!

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You can even email me directly with comments and suggestions at Jeff [at]


Hope to see you next week!

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