Fanart Friday #004

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The Hiatus is over! Fanart Friday is back. Yes, after a busy Holiday Season and a rocky start to the New Years, Fanart Friday has returned for the fourth go. Let’s begin…

Fanart Friday #004

This is first piece brings the return of AshiRox.


AshiRox paints the picture of the game that once was. Before Half-Life was Half-Life it was Quiver (Named after the Arrowhead military base from the Stephen King novella, The Mist). This piece depicts such classic beta favorites as Mr.Friendly and Ivan the Space Biker. It’s always great to get such vivid pieces from AshiRox, check out his DeviantArt for more awesome pieces. 

This piece is still ready to spread the holiday cheer…


A piece contributed by PivotBot, this was created in Gimp and makes Mr. Freeman have that special kind of holiday badassery. You can check out PivotBot over at his VK account. 

This next piece was contributed by a familiar face…

lilgreenman - valvengers

Ladies and Gentlemen… The Valvengers have assembled, created by fellow site-writer LilGreenMan who has a packed gallery of assorted Valve works including some Half-Life Fan-Fiction, that you can find on his Gallery.

And for Tonight’s final piece…


This is piece is by Eisen Feuer titled ‘Fire Lady’ revealing the Pyro’s deep secret to the rest of the mercs. This piece perfectly captures the TF2 art style and is quite a creative take on the Pyro gender mystery.

Eisen Feuer is of ‘Outside Aperture’ fame, a short fan-film based on the original ‘Portal’ ending. Which you can check out here. Eisen also has a Twitter where you can keep up to date with all of his current projects.

Thanks to everyone who submitted!

Remember you can submit art and creations to us directly at creations [at] or by the Tumblr

Please post a link to your DeviantArt or art Tumblr and give a nice description of the piece, just don’t leave the text field blank, I won’t know if you even made it!

Also, if you have any questions or comments for me, email me directly at Jeff [at]

See you next time!



  1. Glad that the fanart is back. That Quiver poster is terrifying though!

  2. Damn… the quality got f*ck’t up 🙁
    But i can fix that 🙂
    Christmas 1280×960 version:
    Non Christmas version (1280×960 as well):