Far More Awesome Opposing Force Trailer

Discussion & Analysis Half-Life

While I was at the end of the planet, where there are no internets, Alex thought he could make the mistake of ignoring this stunningly badass Opposing Force trailer. Not many people know about this, but the music and editing are pretty wicked. Check it out after the jump.


  1. I miss that old days..

  2. what is the name of the song on this trailer ?

    • The song’s name is unknown, although variations of it have popped up in various films and games. It is most likely licensed.

    • Hey Niko, I just saw your comment and I also like this song, just used ‘Shazam’ on iPhone and it returned ‘Life by DJ Branco’, looks old enough, video here (heard towards the end) http://youtu.be/bdU6frgRmz4