Community Spotlight: City Numbered Seventeen

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Thanks to Bury Shimel, also known as ‘KoreRat’ to the community, you can now follow Dr. Freeman’s endeavours on the social networking site Instagram.

Community Spotlight: City Numbered Seventeen

The screen-capture photography project, which is now over a year old, can be viewed under the username ‘citynumberedseventeen‘ on Instagram and contains over 1,100 photos.

Gordon Freeman’s City Numbered Seventeen is a project that combines the beautiful images of the game Half-Life 2 and the photo sharing app Instagram.

Freeman’s photographic trip starts at his awakening with the Gman during Point Insertion and continues through Half-Life 2 and into the Episodic series. Throughout this time he shares with us some very nice looking photos of City 17 as it crumbles during the uprising.

Currently he is working his way up to White Forest, which therefore makes you assume that the project is possibly near to a conclusion, unless Valve just happen to release the next Half-Life sequel in the next month or so. On a serious note, it would be great to see his journey through Black Mesa, although it would likely disrupt the chronological ordering of the account. I wonder if Chell upgraded her Potato λPhone 5?

Anyway here are some of our favorite picks:












So if you actually want to ‘follow freeman’ in a non-apocalyptic social networking sense or if you just want take a Half-Life 2 nostalgia trip, make sure to checkout Oh and don’t worry, you won’t find any photos of what Dr. Freeman had for his lunch, he has had enough microwave casserole accidents for one lifetime.


  1. Hehe, perfect title.

  2. This is absolutely amazing and beautiful at the same time!

    It captures part of what makes HL2 such a damn great game and its also something I personally loved so much about the atmosphere created by HL2. Great work!

  3. This is awesome