A Half-Life Advent Calendar

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Fed up with the same old boring advent calendars? Add a bit of Half-Life to your festivities this year with this advent calendar.

So if you’ve followed us for a while, you’ll probably know that we’ve made a few Valve themed advents on our site over the years. This year though, we took it a step further and made ourselves a real-life Half-Life advent calendar.

Half-Life Advent Calendar

Half-Life Advent Calendar

Half-Life Advent Calendar   Half-Life Advent Calendar



It contains 24 doors of candy, however it comes to no surprise there’s no door number 3 to be found on this calendar. And yes, we know advent has already started but you know, all in the spirit of Valve’s timekeeping an all.

Watch our video above for full instructions on how to make it yourself.

You can download the template here.

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The LambdaGeneration team wishes all of our viewers a very happy holidays.


  1. Great idea.

  2. This is an absolutely incredible idea. The moment finals are over, I know what I’m doing xD