‘Half-Life: Dreamcast’ Mod Released – Emulating The Unreleased HL1 Dreamcast Port… On The PC

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Gearbox’s infamous cancelled Dreamcast console port of Half-Life 1 (although it was also developed by Captivation Digital Labs) has been shrouded in mystery for many. Troubled by delays, it was originally slated for release in summer of 2000, then fall of 2000, then late 2000, then pushed back to early 2001 and eventually, mid-2001, then finally put out of its misery in a controversial cancellation. The ill-fated port was hilariously close to release – Prima strategy guides and other promotional materials were made available (and can still be found on online auction sites for various prices), and a near-complete beta build was leaked to the Internet. Concurrently, it seems that the only way to experience the port is to download this leaked build.

But, no longer! Dedicated modders have just released a mod port of the Dreamcast version for Half-Life 1, which means that right now, you can experience the unreleased Dreamcast port for yourself! Read on for more info on the release.

Here is the PC port’s ModDB page. Developed by Marphy Black, with assistance from Barnz, using Besli’s model archive, the mod is essentially a complete port of the original single-player component from the unreleased Dreamcast version. Everything is included: the never-before-seen exclusive models (dubbed “Medium Definition” by the HL1 modding community), the level changes (ranging from tiny alterations to extensive redesigns), the CD-quality soundtrack, and even the original password notifications (although the actual password saving system could not be ported over). Unfortunately, the funky weapon-sway is absent… but who cares about weapon-sway anyway?

Any Half-Life enthusiast will find this mod worth the download, if only to experience the original Half-Life from a different perspective. It doesn’t overwrite your original Half-Life installation, it completely works on Steam, and it’s easy to use and install, so go for it!

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  1. Nice

  2. Where’s the conspiracy, Vic? I find myself disappointed in the tinfoil hat angle.

    • Feel free to begin a through investigation of Sierra’s shady dealings following their acquisition by Havas, using that Sherlock-esque pipe of yours – I’ll be playing some HL: Dreamcast in the meantime.

  3. Wow. very nice. I actually own a copy of the beta version of the game i obtained from a friend– and its completely playable on an original dreamcast. it even comes with an early version of Blue Shift, too.

  4. Nice. Dreamcast was the last great console and its great to see the legend that is Half-Life finally be complete for it.

  5. nice port and all but why not just play the ps2 port? its EXACTLY the same in terms of gameplay of both pc and dreamcast versions but you get extra stuff that neither pc nor dreamcast had (decay mode, better looking people with facial expressions, the armor and health stations also had animated models that stuck into you).

    • Why go hound auction sites and second-hand gaming stores to buy a PS2 port of a game you already have, when you can just… download a mod that emulates an unreleased port that has essentially every single thing the PS2 port has, with the exception of Decay (also ported to the PC as a mod) and the Super Definition model range (also ported to the PC)?

      • PS2 version was also ported…nice for nostalgia I spose but apart from that, a little pointless when the dreamcast is literaly just the pc version with the HD weaponry :/. If somin could be salavged (ergo somin that wasn’t in either version) i’d agree, but this is just a version with less inside it than the other 2.

        • The PS2 version has not been ported to the PC. However, the DC version is really not just the PC version with the HD weapons… there’s a lot of new stuff in here that fans should notice. Strictly speaking, it’s got more than the PC, and it’s even got some stuff that the PS2 version doesn’t have.

  6. This is indeed a mod worth your time. I’ve played the entire thing and it was great! And they even removed my least favorite map in the game (and I didn’t even notice until I completed the mod (No, it wasn’t the Black Mesa Inbound).

  7. Please, Just someone give me instructions to install it, Anything I do isn’t working.

    • “hldc” folder goes in the “half-life” folder inside the folder that’s named after your account name. The folder named after your account name is in the “steamapps” folder. Then, restart Steam, find it in your Library, click it, and play.

  8. Ugh wrong. The PS2 version has SD models (ported to goldsource and source) better health and hev changing stations, improved maps, decay (ported to PC), head-to-head, bug fixes that are still present in the PC version, an improved hazard course with changed map layout and loads of other changes.

    • Since when do people play Half-Life for the graphics… let alone pay exorbitant prices for console copies of Half-Life just for some SD models? As for the improved maps – all that is from the Dreamcast version, with the exception of the ” improved hazard course, which has nothing new apart from a brief intro and an auto-aim training area? Head to Head is simply 1v1 without any weapon models and with nothing more than a few new maps built exclusively for 1v1 play… and that is about it.