Half-Life: Redux – Model Pack

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The wacky “better models better models” mania started in 2000, when an updated zombie model was sighted in a screenshot of HL1 for the Dreamcast.

Now it’s been 10 years, and numerous mods, individual models and other tiny things have attempted to update HL’s graphics to a higher standard. Some were released, some failed, some are still in development hell (BMS and HL:Enhanced, anyone?).

However, I stumbled upon this interesting little gem. Named HL:Redux, it features numerous new models, textures and other things. Similar to “DiamonD’s Half-Life”. Redux is definitely worth checking out. Video and official site are in the “moors”.



  1. I’ve always loved Half-Life and mods made for Half-Life. I like the old graphics just fine because they have a sort of nostalgic feeling to me, but the new models and graphics developed over the years do make the game look a lot nicer. I just wish I could find more mods that have the same high-quality map design as the original Half-Life.

    • Yeh, I love the whole Black Mesa feeling. Our writer ‘Waq’ knows the place inside out, even beyond the game.

      • There’s plenty of mods with excellent map design. But yeah, that Black Mesa feel is something only Valve and Gearbox have mastered so far.

  2. Thanks for posting this. Im glad more people are finding my redux.
    Also it has been released check the vids and the website.

  3. Parece que são os mesmos modelos do DiamonD pack final!!!! lol