Half-Line Miami: A mashup between Hotline Miami and Half-Life 2 releases for FREE.

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Do you like Half-Life 2? Do you like Hotline Miami? If yes to both, then boy do we have just the thing for you.

Half-Line Miami: A mashup between Hotline Miami and Half-Life 2 releases for FREE.

Thomas Kole is a Game Dev Major who has just completed an Independent project that mashes up the world of Half-Life 2 with the gameplay of Hotline Miami.

Presenting: Half-Line Miami

The game is free to play and has a fantastic soundtrack by SUNG. With 8 levels covering every region of Half-Life 2, from City 17 to Nova Prospekt. 

Even with the 8 levels, Mr.Kole has created level creation tools for the game. Fully documented with video tutorials in the works. Once you make a level, you can share it on the official Half-Line Miami Subreddit and get those upvotes.

So, what are you waiting for? Download the game for free, right here. 

Check it out and let Thomas know what you think after playing it.


  1. Half-Life 2 theme? Check.
    Hotline Miami gameplay? Check.
    Retro 80s style? Check.
    Epic music? Check.
    Actual epic trailer showing real game? Check.
    Linux support? Dammit… Only Windows.

    Time to run wine to get things running, “Create WIC Factory Failed”…
    Dammit, oh, that’s because Windows Imaging Component is probably missing. Let’s fix that.

    Running `winetricks windowscodec` to get WIC installed, “This WIC is for a different hardware platform”.
    Dammit, oh, that’s a 32bit installer and I’m using a 64bit install. My bad.

    Running `rm -r ~/.wine && WINEARCH=win32 wine wic_x86_enu.exe`
    Dammit, the installer crashed, “double free or corruption” in update.exe.

    I guess Murphy’s rules does not want me to play this on my system, so sad.
    But, after all, who cares? All of Hotline Miami and Half-Life games are playable there, maybe I’ll beat this time “dead ahead” on hard mode 😉

    Thanks for this article though, I’m keeping the game waiting in a hot spot for the day I’ll be less lazy to reboot my system on shitty Windows 7 or when wine will be able to run this, or when the dev will learn to code with proper libraries 🙂 I’m not sayin’ that his CV writes that he knows how to use Linux, but I’m pretty sure the lines nearby saying he knows visual studio, photoshop and 3ds max means that he never opened a terminal and coded in it. Using Kali Linux for 5 minutes when you were 14 is apparently enough to be written in the CV, right? 🙂

    • Man, this is the reason I never even tried to mess with Linux.

      That aside, this really is a cool and special thing. I have an immense amount of respect for the dude who not only made it, but released it for free.

      • Hehe, the current status of gaming on Linux is indeed a bit “Meh…” especially on the indie side when they strongly decide not to make portable code. I’m not blaming them, it’s a market they are not interested in and they are short on budget. There are a lot of easy-to-use layers that wraps all system specific routines in a generic fashion (SDL, glfw, sfml, stb, etc.) but it seems he chose to use WIC instead. Also you are pretty much required to have a nvidia card if you really want to game since AMD is a bit too unstable and Intel is not making enough powerful chips. If there is one reason steam machine could fail, this is because of that hardware support issue.

        I’m still surprised this same layer can run easily the latest Tomb Raider (2013) or Crysis with a little tinkering but not install properly a Microsoft library…
        Apart from that, I will still consider that Linux is few steps ahead from Windows even after the recent 10 release.

        Sure this dude looks to have done an amazing job and gave it freely to people, but this makes me a bit sad I am unable to enjoy it fully 🙂