INFRA Has Been Greenlit on Steam!!!

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Two years in development, a jump from the Portal 2 branch of Source to Alien Swarm, and six months of voting by eager fans, this total conversion mod has been given the Greenlight from Valve to go on Steam!

Infra is a self described “gun free exploration game” where your goal isn’t to fight off monsters or some shadowy organization hellbent on world domination. No, you take on the role of a pencil-pushing, structural analyst fighting the war on poor construction…..whilst being trapped beneath a city with a collapsing infrastructure. As you attempt to stay alive, you will explore through the city’s underbelly and solve puzzles that will force you to make a choice: will you restore the city’s structural integrity, or ensure your own survival?

INFRA Has Been Greenlit on Steam!!!

Back in February, the developers of the mod, Loiste Interactive, put Infra on Greenlight in hope that they’d be able to bring their game to the Steam store. And after an overwhelming amount of fan support, they’ve gotten their wish and Infra will make its way to the market place as soon as it’s ready for release. Of course, I could sit here and make you read through another paragraph about how awesome this mod looks before I show you any gameplay footage. Or I could wuss out and just tell you to visit their page on ModDB. But no, I’m just going to post an eight minute teaser to let you come to your own conclusion instead. ENJOY!


  1. Really looking forward to this, the media I’ve seen so far looks really good.

  2. You know, the gameplay looks amazing!! I just hope it doesn’t have any stupid jumpscares, because a game like this doesn’t NEED any of those! The atmosphere is incredibly tense, and that alone makes this something special and scary.