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We recently sat down with Richard Seabrook, the developer of the upcoming fan-made Half-Life: Opposing Force sequel, Prospekt, to ask him some questions about the game and it’s development. We also put forward some questions to him from the community too.

You can watch the video interview below.

Prospekt is the sole work of Half-Life fanatic and game design graduate Richard Seabook, who quit his job two years ago to work on developing the game as his career. In addition, Prospekt is also acting as a job application, as it is Richard’s longtime dream to work at Valve.

The game is a standalone Source engine title set in the Half-Life 2 Universe. The story follows Corporal Adrian Shephard from Gearbox’s Half-Life: Opposing Force expansion, who is teleported out of stasis by the resistance’s Vortigaunt allies to help fight the Combine. A large portion of the story takes place in the Nova Prospekt prison from Half-Life 2.

Prospekt will be available to play on Steam on February 18th for $9.99. You can currently pre-order it for a 10% discount.

You can find more information about Prospekt in our previous article, as well as on the official website and Steam Store page.

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