Left 4 Dead 2’s Mutation Week 16

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Alright, and we’re right back in Left 4 Dead land. This week’s mutation makes me weep for being on vacation, and pray it gets an encore.

This week’s mutation is “Gib Fest”. You and your friends will be wreaking havoc in Post-Apocalyptica with unlimited ammo M60’s. Oooh. Nah, I ain’t jealous any more. Being here on the awesome beach, no zombies, no diseases, is much better. Have fun getting a paper cut and DYING.

Last week’s poll results are out, and let’s let Valve explain it, cause they do it best:

Last weeks question was – Ignore the game for a minute. This is real world zombie apocalypse. You fought your way to a boat and boarded. You are unbitten. You are heading towards an Island in the Keys you hope is deserted but you have no idea. If you only had one thing you could wish to be on the boat with you heading towards that Island – what would it be?

Since the numbers are similar on both platforms we combined them:
56% Zoey
22% Shotgun
13% Ellis
7% Health Kit
2% Defibrillator

While we would have taken Ellis over the shotgun ourselves, this voting makes sense. Almost. I have to ask the 2% who voted for the defib. If it was for you, who was going to use it on you? If it was for someone else, were you really going to walk around looking for a random dead immune Survivor to resurrect? Either way, you scare us.

And this week’s poll is “If you don’t play a Mutation, then why?”, a response to Valve’s newly posted Mutation Breakdown post. Let us know what you voted in the comments section.

And next week’s mutation is “Iron Man”. Most likely unrelated to the Die Krupps song of the same name. Or that underrated movie no one watched like 3 months ago.

Either way, have fun. I’ll be right here, having my awesome pineapple juice while you cut your hand on one of your ammo belts and then slip into a blood puddle.


  1. I like the irony in the humor, you use it quite well. I have fun reading this.