Looking Back – The Steam Discovery Update

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Last year Valve released The Steam Discovery Update. Looking back on it, they say that the update has done marvels.

Looking Back – The Steam Discovery Update

September 2014 saw a major overhaul of the Steam Store. So large in fact, it was worthy of being titled, and thus the Discovery Update was crowned. Implementing Curators, Recommendations, Discovery Queue, and other features, it seems the Steam Store has become smarter, friendlier, and more productive.

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According to a user on Reddit who is a member of the Steamworks Developer Group, Valve has released quite a few impressive numbers about the update. Pages for products on Steam have seen a 30% increase in impressions, where 3/4 of that comes from the Discovery Queue. Speaking of the queue, it has become a regular as 16% of page views now come from it.

When Valve brought in Steam Tags, no one seemed that impressed. Sure it helped searching, but it just seemed like a feature put out there by itself. Once the Discovery Update came along, the two have resulted in 3 times as many click-throughs on tag pages. This action is about 7% of traffic to product pages now.

The Steam Discovery Update

The Steam Discovery Update

Some of you will remember the days before, where Steam just had a ‘Main Capsule’ in the store header. It showed about 10 to 20 games to people a day, regardless of what they were interested in. The Discovery Update swapped it out for a more dynamic one, which can show you over 4,000 titles pertaining to your tastes. This feature is quite important according to Valve, as 25% of all clicks in the store homepage come from it. The update boosted the number 4% up from 21% previously.

Smaller titles haven’t been left in the dust either. They have gained more exposure, and thus increased sales. Total revenues have increased 18%, and daily earnings have seen a 5% increase per title.


Have you bought more titles recently due to Steam’s Discovery Update? What has your experience been so far? Let’s hear you in the comments below.

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