Marc Laidlaw Leaves Twitter

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If you have been following Valve employee Marc Laidlaw on Twitter, you might have noticed that his account recently disappeared.

Marc Laidlaw Leaves Twitter

Shortly after though, on the 10th of September, the same @MarcLaidlaw username reappeared complete with one of Marc’s previous avatars and a link to his official website.

Update: This account has now been suspended after it was reported for impersonation.

We can confirm that this is a fake account.

Here’s an email Marc sent to us about it:

It’s not me. Someone took over @MarcLaidlaw as soon as I shut it down. I was dumb enough to take pains to make sure the account could be used again someday, in case I ever decided to get back on Twitter…but that backfired. So if I do come back, I suppose I’ll either have to go through some nightmare of account verification or simply start again under a new name. More likely if I come back I’ll just quietly lurk.

– Marc Laidlaw

So unfortunately it seems that Marc has decided to close his personal Twitter account.

He also added:

Btw, BreenGrub is/was me, and I’ll leave it there for now, though the story is done.

The mysterious “BreenGrub” account, which has created speculation in the Half-Life community in recent years, was last active in July.

We hope that Marc might one day come back to the Twitter world again, in the meantime though you can still check him out on Vine and on his own blog “Not So Few Monstrosities“.

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  1. Commenter Avatar[λG] ThePerson527 September 2014 at 4:25am

    Well at least we have confirmation that Breengrub was Marc.