New “Portal Done Pro-er” Speedrun Smashes Previous Portal 1 World Record

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A year and a half ago, in late 2010, Michael “DemonStrate” Yanni created a jaw-dropping 9-minute speedrun of the original Portal, titled “Portal Done Pro. It was the new world-record time for the fastest playthrough of Portal 1, and understandably, it was widely publicized at the time.

But you know what they say: records are made to be broken. And yesterday, PDP’s world record was not only broken, but smashed wide open. Read on!

This is “Portal Done Pro-er“, a new world-record segmented, scriptless speedrun of Portal 1 that has been 3 months in the making (although the bulk of it was completed in about 2 weeks).

PDP-er was performed by 4 members of the SourceRuns team: Nick “Z1mb0bw4y” Roth (with 12 segments), Nick “Gocnak” Kerns (with 6 segments), Josh “Inexistence” Peaker (with 5 segments), and guest runner Sebastian “Xebaz” Dressler (with 1 segment).

The new world record time for fastest time in Portal, as performed in Portal Done Pro-er, is 8 minutes, 31 seconds, and 93 milliseconds (timed in realtime from the moment you gain crosshairs to the moment you lose them as GLaDOS dies), almost a full minute faster than the previous time as performed by DemonStrate in the original PDP.

PDP-er uses a variety of new glitches, skips, and tricks to achieve what I can only describe as a near-perfect performance. They say there’s always room for improvement in a speedrun, but I’m not so sure PDP-er has left anything for future speedrunners to work with, though that isn’t a bad thing by any stretch of the imagination. And the run even includes a lovely surprise at the end – but you have to see it (or hear it, rather) to believe it.

And again, Portal Done Pro-er was also done using no scripts, which is an even greater achievement. This also means it is “SDA-legal“, which is very good – let’s hope we get to see the run on the SDA fairly soon.

The PDP-er team have provided full text explanation and commentary for the run in a Google document, and apparently an audio commentary video is on the way and will be made available soon.

I am now eagerly anticipating a possible “Portal Done Pro-est”.

And in other speedrunning news, Coolkid has performed two exceptional Half-Life speedruns: one is a single-segment, scriptless run of the original Half-Life on Hard difficulty. The other is a single-segment, scriptless world-record run of Opposing Force.

And 3 members of the SourceRuns team, Nick “Gocnak” Kerns; “Darkevil”; and Jokūbas “eXeC/Executable” Banaitis, have performed an awesome 9-minute speedrun of the HL2: Episode Two mod “Precursor”.

Consider checking all three runs out, and keep an eye on the SourceRuns YouTube channel for more great runs from the team.


  1. is this gmod he can press y to open chat?

  2. That’s crazy…

  3. Was sent this video yesterday by Xebaz, but didn’t realize that it was a world record. Imagine my surprise when I check LG today…

    • Sorry, not Xebaz. One of the guys who did the credits song, which apparently are uncredited so I overassumed.

  4. eh…who cares?