New Steam Account Policy Introduced to Mitigate Spam and Phishing Issues

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With an increasing number of spam and phishing attacks carried out on Steam users, Valve have decided to implement a new account policy in the hope that it will mitigate the situation.

New Steam Account Policy Introduced to Mitigate Spam and Phishing Issues

The new account policy states that in order to use certain features on Steam, at least $5 has to have been spent over the lifetime of an account, or that $5 currently sits in the account’s Steam Wallet. For users who don’t do their purchases in USD, the amount will be converted to your currency.

Accounts which fail to meet this new policy will be limited as follows:

  • Unable to send friend invites
  • Prevented from starting a group chat or opening one
  • Limited to the number of Steam Discussions posts you can make
  • Unable to submit/vote on Workshop items
  • Unable to vote on Greenlight and Steam Reviews
  • Unable to gain profile levels
  • Ineligible to earn trading cards
  • Access to Steam Web API revoked
  • Unable to use both web and mobile chat interfaces

It is unlikely that this change will affect many people, however users who just activate CD Keys from retail boxes might find themselves in a bind. This new policy adds on to the previous ones, such as playing free to play titles or demos not have an impact on account standing. In the coming days, we will see how this policy changes the community.


How do you feel about this? Is it actually going to work? Let’s hear you below!

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