PlanetPhillip’s MapTap Software Makes It Even Easier to Run Community Maps

Modding & Development Half-Life

PlanetPhillip has updated his ‘MapTap’ software to make it even easier for you to install and run single-player maps for the Half-Life and Portal series.

The free application, now updated to version 2.5 (release candidate 1), allows anyone to download, install and run hundreds of maps made by the community.

What’s even more important is that the new update offers the ability to convert maps that were previously broken as a result of Valve’s ‘SteamPipe’ update, which obliterated many older Source and GoldSrc projects as a result of the Linux update last year.

The software is still in beta, so PlanetPhillip is still asking for feedback for future updates.

You can download the new release of MapTap and read more info over on

Also make sure to check out MapTap’s official page.



  1. Is there a Linux version?