Portal Done Pro – Or How One Man Created A World Record Portal Speedrun Clocking In At 9 Minutes, 25 Seconds and 567 Milliseconds

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We all know Portal’s a short game. Most people finish it in just over 3 hours. Except for this guy.

DemonStrate is, as Doctor Breen would put it “by all standards, an ordinary man.” Well, starting yesterday, he is no longer an ordinary man. Yesterday, he released “Portal Done Pro”, a segmented (that means after each map load he saved the game then continued from that point later) speedrun that is so amazing, you won’t believe it’s legit.

But it is! From the time he gets out of the Relaxation Vault bed to the time he throws in the final Personality Core, 9 minutes, 25 seconds, and 567 seconds pass. This is a world record for beating Portal in the shortest time. He completed the first segment on September 13, 2008, 06:12 AM and the last segment on July 03, 2010, 08:32 PM.

You’ve got the classic traditions of the speedrunning trade, all on display here: strafejumping, bunny hopping, and… godzilla churning or whatever – so by the end, you’ll probably be in a speed coma. And I have no idea what a speed coma is.

But entering a comatose state might be due to something else. Because at the end, DemonStrate… actually sings Still Alive near the end. And it’s… well, you’ll have to hear it for yourself.

There’s also a series of commentary videos up, which feature DemonStrate talking about the strategies, exploits and glitches he used, and even showing you how it’s done. Here is the playlist:


The YouTube video has support for 1080p, but just in case you want it safe and sound on your computer, DemonStrate has kindly provided a few FileFront links for torrent files.

Insane Quality: 1920×1200, 60 fps, 32250 kbps Xvid, 320 kbps MP3 = 3606 MB

High Quality: 1440×900, 60 fps, 7250 kbps Xvid, 256 kbps MP3 = 835 MB

Medium Quality: 1280×800, 60 fps, 3000 kbps Xvid, 192 kbps MP3 = 363 MB

Low Quality: 768×480, 60 fps, 750 kbps Xvid, 128 kbps MP3 = 96 MB

Well, all we can say is: this is amazing. So, when can we expect “Portal Done Pro With A Vengeance”?

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  1. No matter how hard I try, I never figured out the Accelerated Back Hopping trick.