Steam is now 65 million strong

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A few days ago Valve announced that Steam has now passed 65 million users.

It’s a huge achievement, especially since Steam just marked it’s 10th year of operation.

Steam is now 65 million strong

The details of the statistics also reveal that there has been a 30% growth in active accounts in the past annum. In terms of daily activity, the statistics also show that there are between 3 – 6 million Steam Users active at once, depending on the time of day.

Steams daily user cycle

Steams daily user cycle

The introduction of new features such as Family Sharing and the support for for Mac OS X and Linux titles has only led to an increase in Steam’s user-base.

The recent announcements of Steam OS and Steam Machines for 2014 also mean that we can only expect this figure to increase, possibly at an even more rapid rate, especially if Valve are to compete alongside the console market in their crusade to encapsulate the ‘living room’ gaming space.

  “The main goal of Steam has always been to increase the quality of the user’s experience by reducing the distance between content creators and their audience. As the platform grows, our job is to adapt to the changing needs of both the development and user communities. In the coming year, we plan to make perhaps our most significant collaborations with both communities through the Steam Dev Days and the Steam Machines beta.”

– Gabe Newell, co-founder and president of Valve

Earlier this year, it was also reported by a study that PC Gaming in the US was still primarily PC Oriented, with apparently 63% of American gamers choosing the PC, beating handhelds, consoles and smartphones.

So who said PC Gaming was dead?

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