SteamCast – Weekly Podcast For All Things Valve Related

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Podcasts. We all love em, here at LambdaGeneration. They’re all we listen to, sometimes. Well, to be honest, I prefer to listen to that evil industrial music you folks have been hearing about. Grr, I’m gonna sacrifice you to an evil pagan god! RUN!

SteamCast – Weekly Podcast For All Things Valve Related

But enough about me. You all know we’re good pals with Podcast 17, but some times you’ve also gotta talk about the underdogs. Underdogs meaning a fearsome trio from the SPUF badlands.

Sam,  Saurabh and Brad are the hosts of Steamcast, a weekly podcast that chooses one subject from Valve’s community, talks about in detail, and touches on other subjects as well.

It’s great, and we all definitely recommend it.

Shoutout to the three, cause we <3 them.


  1. Thanks guys, you’re very kind. Keep up the fantastic work!

  2. I love this podcast,It has great pacing compared to other podcast Ive heard, I mean the hour just flys by.

  3. You should write an article about as many interesting Valve podcasts as you can find, highlighting the variety available and what each show’s focus is. Going beyond the more well known podcasts like KritzKast, SteamCast, ControlPoint, etc.

    Would help introduce people to lesser known podcasts (e.g. FriendlyFire) and probably result in more awareness of LG’s existence, through mentions of the article on each podcast.

    Keep up the good work.

  4. Long live Steamcast rap battles.

  5. Thanks guys for the kind words!

  6. We appreciate the kind words deeply!


    Hope we can continue to lighten your days with Sam-related jokes.

  7. Thanks for coming guys, We appreciate the love 😉