Target sighted: PlanetPhillip’s AssassinateVille out now!

Modding & Development Half-Life

It’s finally here! Once again, PlanetPhillip has brought us relief from the mod drought, by releasing AssassinateVille, the latest in a long line of mapping competitions.

Target sighted: PlanetPhillip’s AssassinateVille out now!

As the name might suggest, each map tasks us to eliminate a target and escape with our lives. The five entrants to this competition have been creative so you will have the chance to visit a range of different locations including the Coast, the City and a Combine complex. One entry even takes place in an Arctic base, reminiscent of what might have been in Episode 3.

Head to now to download AssassinateVille, which requires Half-Life 2: Episode Two. Once you’ve fulfilled all your contracts, be sure to vote for the entry that you think deserves to win.

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