Team Fortress 2 – Replay Update Released!

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Hey there, LambdaGens! I’m Erebus; some of you may know me as Waqwarrior. I don’t post here too often, as I have been busy with projects of my own.

Team Fortress 2 has been given a Replay Update of sorts. It has been a part of the TF2 Beta for quite some time now, but now it’s finally available for all!

From the Official TF2 Blog:

Steven Spielberg. Robert Scorcese. Socrates. The guy who made those Old Spice commercials.

What do these names have in common? They are the four best filmmakers in the world. And they all got there the same way: by competing in a filmmaking competition we’re just now announcing.

Go pick up the berets that just flew off your shocked heads, filmmakers, directors and auteurs. Because The Replay Update is live, and we’re celebrating with the First Annual Saxxy Awards–the most prestigious made-up contest since the “strongman competition” Robin Walker held at his house last year, where it turned out he just wanted help moving his couch.

While you’re pondering your next blockbuster take a minute to read the new comic, Meet the Director, to uncover the controversial circumstances that led to the creation of this major event.

This great feature has been in the works for a long time, and is now available for everyone in a (hopefully) bug free form. It allows you to record and reexperience those epic deaths between you and your friends (or enemies). You can also edit your videos (achievement unlocked!). Every moment of every match you play will be recorded. Once you’re done playing, you can even change camera angles and add details such as motion blur. This new update also allows you to upload your beautifully gory videos directly to YouTube. Four of the new achievements depend on the amount of views your replay video receives. Speaking of views, earning those achievements also gets you unique hats!

A new comic tie-in, as expected, also made a release. This time, it’s Meet the Director. It’s an interesting read, check it out! It justifies this update, in a sense. There are also hints that Meet the Medic and Meet the Pyro might be arriving soon, a mere two years late. Let’s hope that wait was worthwhile!
And as if there weren’t enough, more hats!

Finally, there’s the first annual Saxxy Awards. This Replay Update also marks the start of the Saxxy Awards, which are given to those who excel most in any of the 20 categories featured on this page. Thousands will enter, twenty will win…a statue of a half naked Australian man. If that’s not enough reason to enter the contest, I don’t know what is. Entries can be submitted as late as Thursday, May 19th, 2011, at 11:59:59 PM GMT. Only one submitted video for every category per Steam account will be considered. If you submit multiple videos, only the latest one sent in will be considered; others will be dismissed. Only one author per video is allowed. You also can’t have entries containing copyrighted materials outside of Valve’s IPs for this contest. Materials can be requested to prove original authorship.

One last note.

The use of external software in the creation of entries is permitted in all categories. However, the Replay renderer MUST be used for initial TGA/WAV data if an external editor is used, OR if rendering an entry from within TF2. Video Preset “Maximum” MUST be used, regardless of whether you are rendering a movie from TF2 or raw TGAs and a .WAV.

Not much more to say here, good luck to all who enter!



  1. Maybe Meet the Medic in 2 weeks as well? :p

  2. Sweeeeeet, very nice, very nice.

  3. What is that smell? Is that… Source Film Maker coming?