Watch Your Step: Techies Coming to Dota 2! And More!

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Get your freaky-stick-with-eyes and magic fairy dust out; it’s mine cleaning time. The Techies are here, and ready to cover the forest and lane with your giblets!

Watch Your Step: Techies Coming to Dota 2! And More!

Officially revealed during the All Star match in the fourth annual The International tournament (sponsored by Valve), Techies were promised to be released at the end of August. And guess whaaat?

One of the most anticipated hero additions to Dota 2, they are the Techies, experts in explosive ordnance. They may be weak, but do not be fooled; this trio is not someone you should underestimate. Their abilities allow them to plant two types of mines; one that deals a ton of damage, and one that stuns for a relatively long time. They also have an Ultimate ability, where they can throw mines that are activated remotely, allowing them to discriminate between targets (although the optimal result is blowing up the entire enemy team, no?)

If all that were to fail, the Techies will utilize their trademark ability and last resort; Suicide Squad, Attack!
This ability allows the Techies to essentially commit suicide in the form of a very big explosion that deals a lot of damage, and halves their respawn time in the process. So if you were to chase the poor little imps, make sure to do so in a safe distance, unless you want to end up turned into red glue.

The incoming update will also include some of the remaining Compendium rewards that weren’t granted in time during The International 4, including custom kill banners, a new soundtrack and a victory prediction taunt  that allows you to predict victory. If you do win that match, you get one point, and you can keep racking up points as long as you successfully predict victories. If you were to lose a predicted win, the score will be reset! No word has been given regarding the ability to customize miscellaneous buildings in your base; perhaps we will receive more news next week.

And let’s not forget, the All Random Deathmatch mode, where if your character dies, he or she dies for real, and you will get a new hero to play as. And a new victory condition is added; if either teams get 40 kills, they win. So be careful not to squander your precious life out there!


There will also be trophies, seemingly acting like achievements that you can display on your profile. Each of these trophies requires you to perform certain challenges, like the A-Z Hero Challenge where you’ll have to play and win with every single hero the game offers. What hero you’ll get, is random though.

Other than that, there’ll be a Techies Announcer, in case you weren’t tired of hearing the little imps cackling, a special taunt awarded to all Compendium owners, and an Arcana Item Set for Techies that completely changes their apperance and feel. Besides all this, there’s community created items, one which is a really goofy looking courier.

So there you have it folks! Next week, make sure to tread lightly, unless you want your legs blown off and suffer Vietnam-esque flashbacks. Or just buy detection.

You can read more information about the Techies Update on the Dota 2 Blog.

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