New Team Fortress 2 Racing Mod ‘TF2Kart’ Released

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Did Scream Fortress’ bumper cars get you yearning for more Team Fortress karting madness?

“InstantMuffin” from GotSticed, developer of PropHunt TNG and Arena 2.0, has released a new TF2 mod, which is all about racing up to 15 other players in frantic laps around a custom track. There are pickups which allow you to drop bananas, fire rockets at your foe or give yourself a speed boost, among other powerups. I like to time my speed boost right before a huge jump and see how much air time I can clock.

The server fills up quick, but that’s all the more reason to try it out! 16 bumper cars jousting for first place brings back all the fun and fast-paced action from Merasmus’ bumper cars but with a more streamlined and competitive edge.

Put your karting skills to the test!

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