The Hammer Cup 2016 – A Mapping Challenge With Serious Prizes

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Calling all mappers, if you’ve been looking for an excuse to put your mapping skills to the test and win cool prizes then has got just the competition for you!

The Hammer Cup 2016 – A Mapping Challenge With Serious Prizes

The owner and operator of RunThinkShootLive – Phillip Marlowe, has unveiled the next of his mapping challenges, The Hammer Cup 2016, a series of five 19-Day Mapping Challenges, each with its own theme.

Those who enter the competition will have the chance to win prizes. Individual challenges will win you Steam games, but the grand prizes include a replica of the Gravity Gun and a Gordon Freeman Action Figure by NECA!


The judges for the Hammer Cup are Phillip himself, Don AKA Unq – a well known GoldSrc modder (and owner of GoldSrc Gold on Tumblr) and Dennis Glowacki – an environment artist for EA and long-time modder.

The first challenge’s theme is still to be announced, but it starts on Thursday, January 7th.

For full details, check out the special site created just for the competition.


We’d also like to take our hats off to Phillip for spending a huge amount of time and money on running contests like this for the community, all from his heart with no commercial interest, and for keeping the GoldSrc & Source modding space alive – amazing work.

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