Experience an Eerie Continuation of Half-Life 2 with Transmissions : Element 120

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If Ravenholm wasn’t spooky enough, Transmissions : Element 120 is a single player mod set in the Half-Life universe following the events of Half-Life 2: Episode 2. After two years in the making, the mod has finally been released.

Set in a dark, eerie, atmospheric location at a mysterious time after Episode 2, Transmissions : Element 120 combines beautiful visuals with contextual narrative and action-packed gameplay, including a handful of physics challenges and not to mention an intense strider battle.

One of the main features of the game is a modified version of the gravity gun, which allows the player to scale buildings and high objects as well as sustain large falls which adds a new dimension to the game’s combat experience.

In addition, the mod also offers a range of technical enhancements to the Source engine, including:

  • Enhanced dynamic lighting
  • Integrated Source Shader Editor 0.5 for enhanced post processing & lighting
  • Improved support for complex physics structure
  • Support for super massive physics objects
  • Improved AI and group behaviour on multiple AI types

Check out the trailer above, there’s also a handful of nice looking screenshots below:





You can download Transmissions : Element 120 for free from the official website or from ModDB.

The game also has a Steam Greenlight page so make sure to vote for it if you enjoyed playing. You can also find the mod on Twitter and Facebook if you want to keep updated with future development.

Update: As reported on the r/HalfLife Subreddit, it seems that the mod’s creator, Shokunin, has been offered an interview by a Gearbox Software employee:

Hey, do you want a job in the industry? I work at Gearbox Software, we are currently looking for talent. This is 10x times better than most submissions I’ve seen. Great work. You should apply. I’d be excited to interview you. Good luck!


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