US Propaganda – From TF2?

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With what’s happening in Eastern Europe now, each side claims that the other is spinning the truth. However, the most recent development is that Russian state media claims that the US has, and continues to spread propaganda.

US Propaganda – From TF2?

The so called propaganda strangely looks like a fan-made poster created for Team Fortress 2 WAR! update a long time back, which pitted the community against itself. It seems funny enough, that someone didn’t check their facts.

A user on DeviantArt by the name of TankTaur is the original author, not the US government. Shown on Russian state television was the exact same poster, and claims that this is a US propaganda poster. A screen grab of the video is below, but here’s the link to the video posted online.


While it could be a legitimate mistake, it certainly shines light on to the credibility of such news sources.


  1. This isn’t the first time such a mistake has been made either; back in May 2014 the Serbian Communist Party used a poster of Engineer, Pyro and Soldier in their propaganda (

  2. The Danish national TV channel TV2 has once used a picture from Assasin’s Creed in a news report about the civil war:

    Alse BBC News has used a logo from Halo instead of the official UN logo.