Quick Thought: Valve and the Game Awards

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Soon Geoff Keighley’s 2015 iteration of The Game Awards will be upon us. A show that hopes to unite gamers for one night as they celebrate the industry and community’s best. Valve sit on the advisory board for this year’s show.

Quick Thought: Valve and the Game Awards

Update: Portal Stories: Mel did take home the Best Fan Creation. Congrats to the entire team and not a peep from Valve during the world premieres. Ah well.

Original Article is as follows:

What could this mean? The cool thing about the Game Awards is that it’s not just Devs getting recognition for their hard work, there’s game premieres as well. With the HTC Vive coming just around the corner, Valve have been pretty tight-lipped about new games. While TF2, CS:GO and Dota 2 receive their rounds of updates, Valve hasn’t actually put out a new game since Mid-2013.

While I’m sure that all the current Valve titles (the Source Engine based ones anyway) will work on the Vive in some form, i’d be a bit shocked if Valve didn’t put out some kind of new Game or App to go with it and this is where the Game Awards come in, maybe during the ceremonies we’ll get to see some more demos of the Vive or maybe Valve have some other trick up there sleeve?

No, I’m not saying it’s Half-Life 3. While there is that part of me deep down that burns viciously whenever I put together a new theory of how this is the time it will drop, I’ve quelled those flames to not get disappointed again. Remember back in 2010, when folks totally thought this commercial featured scenes similar to that of the Borealis’ location only for it to be a debut of some SSX game? Because I do.

Anyway, Valve have a very close relationship with Mr.Keighley and although he might be hailed as ‘The Doritos Pope’, I have hopes that the show will be great, with or without any big announcement from Valve. Fingers crossed for more HTC Vive info and maybe a Gabe appearance? Who knows?


One final note I should mention, Portal Stories: Mel is nominated for best Fan Creation. So be sure to tune in on Steam tonight at 5:30 PM, PST to see if it takes home the trophy!

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