Valve Announces “DLC #1” For Portal 2, Targeted For This Summer, Completely Free For All Platforms

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So soon?

Yes, that soon. Valve has just announced the first DLC add-on pack for Portal 2, targeted tentatively for this summer, released for free on all platforms.

Portal 2 DLC #1 will offer new test chambers for players, leaderboards, challenge mode for single and multiplayer modes, and more.

They said it best. Pretty great! Only problem is the Challenges were very, very irritating in the first games. David here, one of our contributors, says they are “easy”. Imagine that! Easy. The damned things could make me tear my own hair out. Let’s hope that Valve has really taken their time with the Challenges this time around. Some Advanced Chambers would also be cool, and we’d also like to see trading and the SDK.

No further details are given, apart from this:

Targeted for release this summer, Portal 2 DLC #1 will be offered free of charge for the PC, Mac, Xbox 360, and PS3.

Whoa! Free of charge on the Xbox? Did someone threaten Microsoft or something?

There’s also some lovely statistics here:

Portal 2 was released April 19 and currently holds a Metacritic score of 95%, making it the top rated multiplatform game of 2011. Portal also captured the number 1 chart position in the UK, Germany, and the Nordic countries during its first week of availability, making it the fastest-selling Valve release since Half-Life 2.

Impressive stuff. I’m sure that other game would be a best-seller too, Valve. You know the game I’m talking about. Yes, that one. Gunman Chronicles 2. What? Of course I wasn’t talking about Half-Life! That’s silly. It’s all about Gunman Chronicles.

Speaking with Fast Company, Doug also mentioned Valve will be supporting this new DLC pack with comics “or” videos. You can find this particular interview online; we’re saving it for a sort of post-release interview roundup. Got spoilers in it, so that’s bad too.

But this comic and video thing is very interesting! Could the DLC also include some story-oriented SP levels? Keep in mind that Erik Wolpaw did say they recorded with an eye towards the DLC, and that they still have some Wheatley-Cave dialogue lying around that they would like to use.

Overall, can’t wait to hear more about this DLC pack. Gosh, completely free! I’d pay for it, though. Then again, I’d probably kill someone if it meant I could get Gunman Chronicles 2, so nevermind me.


  1. Commenter AvatarJayBirdSupreme30 April 2011 at 3:04am

    More Portal 2 stuff sounds good to me.

    Also, I have to ask, where would I be able to get Gunman Chronicles? I’ve heard its name pop up in the past, but I never really knew what it was, until I read this and decided to look it up.

    So yeah, is it obtainable by any means?

    • The only “legal” way you can get the original Gunman Chronicles is by purchasing an old copy of it. It hasn’t been re-released on Steam or in any other way, presumably because the rights for the franchise lie with Sierra, which was eaten by Vivendi, which was eaten by Activision; and Rewolf, which shut down one year after the game’s release.

    • Hi Jay, Gunman Chronicles is a CLASSIC gold source game, it’s not made by Valve however it runs on the Valve’s GoldSource engine for HL1. It also has a similar feel to HL1 in the structure the game, for example you start in a tram ride and play though large science facilities though first person. I am luckily in that I purchased the game when I was already a huge Half-Life about 7 years old in 2000, it’s not sold digitally I think so your best bet is Ebay or some retro/old games store.

      You can even see how the box art reseblems Valve’s Half-Life box:

      I just did a search on Ebay:

      • Commenter AvatarJayBirdSupreme30 April 2011 at 1:05pm

        Alright, thanks for the info. I was just curious.
        Also, just for future reference, what’s this site’s stance on discussing piracy? It’s a shady subject, which is why I didn’t mention it in my original post. I personally only pirate games if they’re old and there’s no other way of easily acquiring them.
        I apologize if I’m breaking the site’s rules right now. If I am, please delete this post, and I’ll never bring it up again.

        • No piracy talk (as in no talk on how to pirate games, where to find pirated copies, etc) and that’s about it. You haven’t broken any rules, though.

          • Commenter AvatarJayBirdSupreme30 April 2011 at 5:09pm

            Okay, thanks. I wasn’t planning on doing that anyway, so it’s all good.

        • Feel free to post your discussion on piracy on our forums since it’s just a little unrelated to this post. Personally I never pirate anything, keep the economy going.

          • He wasn’t planning on discussing it, and I don’t see where else the discussion could go, apart from in-depth piracy talk.

  2. That’s awesome! Gotta love VALVe! 😀

  3. Meh Portal 2, Gunman Chronicles 2 is a MUST!, if you are somehow interested in Gunman Chronicles and/or want to play it in DM, friend me:

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