Very Early Blue Shift Trailer

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This trailer, created as a teaser for the Dreamcast port of HL1, which would have featured Blue Shift as a small side mission, is very interesting.

Note the lack of any HD (or Medium Definition, as the Dreamcast models are called) models, the yellow HUD, the flashlight weapon, and most of the footage is taken from HL1 maps. Weird. Still, the later Blue Shift trailer is directly based off it. Check it out after the jump.


  1. I wonder if those boys could of made a bigger mess?

  2. -part2 -part 3 (finally featuring the HD models).

  3. Anyone else notice that in the first still image (“You played the hero…”) Gordon doesn’t have his glasses?

    • The only Gold Src Gordon model how has Glasses is the one in Opp Force.

      And the HD model ones

      • Yeah, Gordon only has glasses in his OP4 model, and in unofficial fanmade SD models.

        His original HL1 model has no visible glasses.