Watch: Top10Memes’ Top 10 Facts About Half-Life

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Swedish YouTuber ‘Top10Memes‘, also known as ‘LEMMiNO’, recently uploaded a very interesting ‘Top 10 Facts’ video about Half-Life, which may just test your knowledge about the series we all know and love.

The video goes over some pretty obscure facts, such as how the German release of Half-Life replaced HECU marines with Robo Grunts, which are more commonly known from being a selectable player skin in multiplayer deathmatch, or how the scientific equation for the exponential decay, or ‘half-life’, of an atom also happens to contain the lambda symbol as part of the formula.

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It’s definitely worth a watch for anyone interested in learning about the oddities of Dr. Freeman’s adventures. There is also a list of sources in the video description if you want to find out more about the facts that are mentioned.

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