What Happens When Half-Life Meets Unreal Engine

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If you haven’t yet seen Joe Wintergreen’s stunning Half-Life map renders in Unreal Engine, check this out.

What Happens When Half-Life Meets Unreal Engine

What you see here isn’t just an art project, but part of a unique map creation technique Joe experiments with. Using this method, a map is first built in Hammer to take advantage of the intuitive world geometry creation tools. Afterwards it is ported to Unreal Engine, which Joe tells us makes it easier to fine-tune in aesthetic details.





The program used to port Source maps to UE is called HammUEr, and was custom-created by coder Turfster for Joe’s method of map creation.

You can see the process in action in these videos:

Joe is also the guy behind Improptu Games. The company is responsible for artsy puzzle-platformer InFlux, which combines organic environments with lovely sterile and technological design. He is currently developing a yet-unnamed stealth game that uses his own realistic spreadable fire code as a core mechanic, which works with .BSP.


HammUEr Plugin Twitter

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  1. not good i love unity

  2. It looks and sounds intriguing, but I’d rather not spend $42 on a Tool that Imports Source Maps into UE4.

    There are plenty of things worth spending $40 on and this isn’t one of them.