What’s Left for Team Fortress 2 in 2015

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A new post was made earlier today on the Team Fortress 2 blog, talking about what the TF2 team is up to and what we can expect before the end of the year, starting off with a reminder that the Gun Mettle Update will run until the end of the month.

What’s Left for Team Fortress 2 in 2015

The TF2 team is busy putting together the next major update, which should be out by the end of the year. It’ll feature new maps, cosmetics, and a new campaign with contracts and weapon collections.

If you’ve kept yourself updated on what’s been going on in the TF2 community for the last two weeks, you’re probably aware that the Invasion Update isn’t too far away. It’s not clear whether this is the update they’re talking about. However, since the Invasion update was, apparently, supposed to be released last week, it doesn’t seem likely that they’re talking about said update. It seems more likely that this is an update with a similar concept of the Gun Mettle update. The post then went on to mention a few other things that’s currently in the works, and that we hopefully get to see before 2016.

We’re also working on things like competitive matchmaking, perf, balance improvements and moving Mannpower Mode out of beta with a new map.

Now, if you’ve been looking forward to a Halloween update, you might be a little bit disappointed. Or perhaps the contrary, since there’s a few irregularities from previous years.

The team is NOT working on a big update for Halloween, but instead they’re gonna pick their favorite items for the Steam Workshop to create and release a Halloween update of community-created content.

This year’s Halloween Update will be a showcase of all the best Halloween-themed community content (items, maps, taunts and unusuals) you guys can come up with. We’ll also be activating every one of our past six Halloween Updates, so there’ll still be plenty of spooky holiday-themed game modes to play.

So we’ll still get an update, but perhaps not the one we were expecting. Regardless, anyone who wants to contribute to this update has until October 18th to submit their creations to the Steam Workshop. Additionally, all new items added to the game during Halloween will be free from the Full Moon/Halloween restriction, so that they can be worn all the time, all year long.

What do you guys think? A new major update by the end of the year? No traditional Halloween update? Feel free to leave a comment with your thoughts.

Also, feel free to leave your thoughts on the Gun Mettle update, if you participated in that.

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